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HOW IT WORKS: This website provides veterans, spouses and dependents aged 18-24 the opportunity to earn money as a freelancer or gig worker. Please note that you are going to be able to conduct business and get paid. This will require you to enter sufficient information to get paid, verify you are a veteran and successfully pass a background check. Creating an account also indicates you have read the terms of service and agree to comply with them.

Sign Up

After completing basic information on the ‘create an account’ page, applicants are asked to provide two security questions. On the profile page, there are three initial steps to complete before proceeding. Please note that GettaVet is operating in Version 1.0, so some steps are not yet fully automated. It may take one-two days before the application is complete. Initially, it may appear the site is cumbersome or does not work. Be patient and you will be able to use this site to your benefit. You can also click on ‘Navigation_Veteran” for more support in using the site. Initially, there are three steps to complete:

  1. Background check: GettaVet uses Barada Inc., a third party, to complete a criminal record background check. We also conduct a sex offender search. The background check can take anywhere from five hours to two days to complete. Veterans will be contacted should an issue arise where more extensive information is needed.
  2. Stripe: Third-party payment vendor. Stripe is a nationally recognized third-party payment vendor, for example, they handle payments for Amazon, Lyft, and Uber. Veterans will be asked for personal information such as SSN and bank account. This is so veterans can get paid and a tax form is completed if the veterans earn more than $20,000 in one calendar year.
  3. Military Veteran Verification: GovX is a vendor for veterans. They verify military service and may ask for supporting documentation such as a DD Form 214.

Note: As of January 3, 2021, applicants may have to log out and then back in after completing one of the steps. This is because the process is not yet fully automated. GettaVet is working to make this process easier, but with version 1.0, applicants are asked to be patient.


There is a $10 initial one-time fee that will cover the cost of the background check. There is also a 12% service fee to veterans’ total project amount. This fee supports costs to the third-party payment vendor, programming, and implementation of the GettaVet Program. This is comparable to fees at other freelancing sites.

Creating Profile

After successfully completing military service verification, getting a Stripe account, and background check, click on the Profile button. Fill out the information for Elevator Pitch and Biography. Next, select one or more skills. Clients find you by searching on various skills. Be sure to create a strong elevator pitch and biography as this is the primary information used by clients in selecting military veteran service providers.

Client Requests

By clicking on Requests, you can determine whether clients have requested a proposal from you. Be sure to use the ‘Messages’ section to determine who, what, when, where, and how. Be very specific to ensure you know what needs to be done. Request photos if needed. Being specific now with good communications helps to prevent misunderstandings or disputes later on.

Proposal Setup

If the client requests a proposal, and help is needed to create a proposal, go to the Veterans Navigation link for specifics.


If the client accepts the proposal, they will pay a 30% deposit to get the project underway.

Work Started

Keep track of hours spent on the project. There are apps available to document your time. Keep the client informed, especially if unexpected difficulties impact the work or change the scope of the project, for example, finding rotten flooring when renovating a kitchen or bathroom.


Prepare another invoice for the client when the work is completed. If you found our service to be of value to you, please mention us on sites such as Yelp, or on our social media. Please contact us at [email protected] if you think of ways we can improve.

Rev: Jan 3, 2021

Created By Veterans For Veterans

GettaVet is a community for veterans, active duty, those who have retired, or been honorably discharged along with their spouses to earn extra money.