Navigation – Veteran Aid

Veteran Sign Up

  1. Finish signing up by completing the background check, verifying your veteran status, and filling out banking information to get paid.
Vet Step1

Finish Account Setup

  1. Click on ‘My Profile’ to complete signup up.
  2. Create a good elevator pitch; this is what clients see. (See creating your Freelance pitch below.)
  3. Create a strong bio.
  4. Click on the + sign to pull down and select your skillset. (Multiple skills may be selected if appropriate.)
  5. Enter the amount you charge per hour.
  6. Click Save.
Vet Step2

Requests From Clients

  1. Click on Requests
  2. The Services button is used in case YOU want to request a veteran’s services.
  3. A client named Horace Mann has sent a request; notice the status says ‘Proposal Setup.’ Click on Proposal Setup.
Vet Step3

Proposal Setup 1

  1. The Messages area can be used to clarify details concerning the request. Be very specific to avoid later misunderstandings.
  2. Notice that the status is still ‘Proposal Setup.’
  3. Click on ‘Add Proposal’
Vet Step4

Proposal Setup 2

  1. Click on the + sign.
Vet Step5

Proposal Setup 3

  1. Create a description
  2. Type: Choose Labor or Materials from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the quantity of hours
  4. Enter unit cost. (Note: since this veteran charges $300 for this initial setup, they could have put in a quantity of ‘1’ and a Unit Cost of $300.)
  5. Click Save
Vet Step6

Submit Proposal

Click on Submit Proposal if satisfied. The proposal then goes to the client for feedback or approval.

Vet Step7

Status Change to Proposal

  1. The veteran is waiting for a status change after approval by the client
Vet Step8

Proposal Accepted and Work Started

  1. Click on ‘Set status to started’ when ready to begin work. Keep track of hours as appropriate. Notify the client when the proposal or scope changes due to unexpected events. The client will pay a 30% deposit upon proposal approval (in this example, $90).
Vet Step9

Work Completed

  1. Click on ‘Set status to completed’ when ready. You will then be able to invoice the client for the remainder of the work.
Vet Step10

Prepare Final Invoice

  1. The original invoice pops up when the veteran clicks on ‘completed.’
  2. Click on ‘Edit Invoice’
Vet Step11

Edit Invoice

  1. Click on the ‘X’ to delete the last entry.
Vet Step12

Fill Out Invoice and Submit to Client

  1. Click on the + sign for a new row.
  2. Fill out the four items. (Note: in this case the remainder is $210, to there is a quantity of ‘1’ and a Unit Cost of $210).
  3. Click on ‘Submit invoice’ when finished. The client will approve and pay the remainder for work completed.
Vet Step13