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Dispute Policy

Rev: January 9, 2021


Disputes occasionally occur. GettaVet encourages parties to work out disputes among themselves. This service is a last resort.

To file a dispute

  1. Send an email to [email protected], subject DISPUTE SERVICE.
  2. Provide reasons for the dispute to include the name of the client or veteran.  Describe the circumstances concerning the dispute, for example: billed for too many hours, quality of work unsatisfactory, work not completed, scope of work issues.
  3. Attach any pertinent documentation and/or images in support of the dispute.
  4. Provide the dollar amount you are prepared to pay if you are the client; if you are the veteran, provide the amount you are prepared to receive.
  5. The other party has seven (7) working days to respond to the dispute. If they do not respond by seven days, then default judgement goes in favor of the disputing party.
  6. GettaVet’s Dispute Specialist will carefully examine the issue and attempt to resolve the dispute.
  7. Should the parties refuse the resolution proposed by GettaVet’s Dispute Specialists, then the dispute shall be escalated to Arbitration Resolution Service (ARS) at the non-prevailing parties’ expense.
  8. If a client/freelancer becomes a habitual disputer and shows a pattern of uncooperativeness, GettaVet has the right to remove, suspend, and/or ban said party from use of the platform.

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