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How It Works 

Thank you for putting veterans and military families first by electing to hire them for services. You are helping to support veterans during this time of unemployment and a pandemic when it is challenging for military families to make ends meet.

Creating an Account

Be sure to choose “Non-Veteran” when you sign up. Go to “My Profile” after creating your account and put in your address. You will be asked for your address so that the GettaVet program can find veterans or spouses close to your area. Note: specific site navigation aid may be found in the “Navigation_Clients” file.

Selecting a Veteran or Spouse Service Provider

Click on the button “GettaVet.” Choose the skill you are looking for on the ‘Select a skill type’ drop-down, for example, Handyman or Web Design. You can elect to indicate the scope of the project by putting in a dollar amount. If you don’t want to put in the amount, leave this box as is or put in $15 (the minimum service amount). Be detailed as possible so the veteran can accurately prepare a proposal. If there is a veteran in your general area providing the requested service, ‘Vet Selection’ will appear in the ‘Status’ column.

On the ‘Accounting’ page, you can click on ‘Select a Vet’ and then see a list of veterans in your area. You can choose one and then begin communications by using the ‘Messages’ area. Once again, be specific. When you are satisfied that the veteran understands your needs and agrees to a price, request a proposal.


There is a $10 initial one-time fee that will cover the cost of the background check. There is also a 12% service fee to veterans’ total project amount. This fee supports costs to the third-party payment vendor, programming, and implementation of the GettaVet Program. This is comparable to fees at other freelancing sites.

Buyer Beware

It is up to the Consumer to vet a Veteran prior to hiring them. If in doubt, check references, or ask if they are listed on Yelp or other business web sites. GettaVet won’t be responsible for any errors, omissions, or other problems caused by a Veteran to a Consumer or their property.

If concerned about privacy issues, do a search on Barada (the background check company), Stripe (the third-party payment vendor), and GovX. All three sites handle large accounts and are concerned about data privacy.

Proposal from Veteran

The veteran will propose a budget consisting of labor and materials. If you agree to the proposal, a 30% deposit is required in order to commence work. At the end of the project, the remainder of the proposal amount is due. Note that the scope of the work may change due to unexpected events, for example, the service provider may find rotten flooring under a bathroom or kitchen floor.



In order to preclude difficulties or disputes, be as specific as you can in detailing the work or service to be provided. Keep in touch with the veteran. Send pictures in jpeg files to help document the work.


Please provide feedback to the veteran and also to the GettaVet program. If you have suggestions for us to better serve your needs, please let us know. If you liked the service provided, please give us a nod on social media.

Rev: Jan 3, 2021

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GettaVet is a community for veterans, active duty, those who have retired, or been honorably discharged along with their spouses to earn extra money.