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For Veterans

What does it cost to subscribe?    The cost to subscribe is $2.40 per month.  This is quite reasonable in the world of freelancing. 

Why do you need a copy of my DD Form 214?   GettaVet is an online marketplace for veterans, military retirees, active duty military and/or their spouses to post the services they can provide the freelancing community.  If you do not provide the DD Form 214, we will submit a FOIA request for it.

How does GettaVet make money?  When the veterans finishes the service with the client, a 10% fee is added on to the total cost. GettaVet uses funds generated to support this web site.

When will GettaVet be available across the country? This program will be added to the existing services as quickly as possible.

Licenses, Insurance and Bonds   The requirement for licenses, registering, insurance and bonds varies by locale across the country.  Those seeking to display their bio and services on the GettaVet website must ensure they meet local regulations.

When will I get paid? Payment for services performed go out weekly.  Should there be a requirement for an immediate transfer of funds, a nominal fee of $2.00 will be charged.

What payment method can I use with GettaVet?  Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.  These are the same forms clients may use to pay for your service.

Background Checks  GettaVet will perform a background check on all veterans who post their services on this site. This check will be performed when signing up and then annually for the duration of the veteran’s participation.

For Clients

Who are the pros listed on your website?  GettaVet verifies all pros on this site to active duty, retired military, a veteran, or their spouses.  The verification is made by ensuring all possess a record of military service (DD Form 214) or that they are on active duty (in which case they will not have a DD Form 214 until they leave active duty).

What does it cost to use the veterans to perform services?  Veterans amount per hour are posted on the website. After the work is performed, a 10% fee is added to the bill.

Why am I paying an additional fee for services?  GettaVet uses funds generated to support this online marketplace.  This allows the public to support veterans as they transition from active duty to civilian life, provide extra income and to make a living.

How can I pay?  Payment for the service may be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.  Payment may be made online at the GettaVet.com website or on the downloadable app located at Google Play and the App Store.

Do I need to make a down payment on the services?  A 30% fee of the total amount, plus materials, is required before work can commence.

What background checks are performed on the veterans?  When veterans join GettaVet, a background check is made and from that point on, the check is performed annually.